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Sunday, May 22, 2005

David Reo's Sunday Blog 5-22-05

Hello it’s Sunday 5-22-05. Welcome to David Reo’s Sunday Blog. I’m your host and for the next whatever we’re here. How’s it going? Today is Mike Di’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mike Di. I spent the morning with him and his wife Janice. We went to buy flowers for planting at these wholesale greenhouses owned by these two old Italian men. They are way cool. Old old school.
Little old Italian men living off their flowers. They had a farm too with all kinds of animals. Pigs, Lamas, cows. I bought a few flats of petunias and porchlacas. They are all in. It’s sunny and cold. It’s very cold here this weekend. Like November in May. I have a thermal sweater on. I still went outside and planted my flowers and played the dobro slide blues guitar on my steps. Got just enough Sun too. So I’m ready to roll over here with video blogging. Thanks to Michael Verdi & Ryanne Hodson.....The Vlogger dudes. Sounds like something out of Malibu, CA. Jan & Dean or like the end of the Price Is Right..A Mark Goodson..Bill... They put out some very good information on how to set it up. Now we all have a portal. I always wanted a portal. I guess I always had one with either with music or writing. There is some good stuff out there that I wrote. There is also a very cool guitar video of me playing my song Little Tv Angel. It never made it to Ourmedia but if you go to and look me up on search, the video shows up there. It’s classic. Joe Westbrook on Rhythm Guitar. Joe is from Texas. Great guy. He knew Buddy Holly. Plays great rhythm & lead and slide tones. Joe’s the man. Murray Goldberg is on Bass. The Blur. Murray is the best. Heart of Gold. He had lots of insights in regard to getting gigs. Jimmy Hammer on Drums. Classic. The Harp player was a sit in. (He got the gig). I will have to find out his name. Murray knows. There was also a keyboard player there named Tom Terisi. He and his girlfriend played the hospital tour gigs in the day and rock and blues gigs at night. Brian Batchley was not there in the physical realm. He was there at that time most of the gigs. I played eight years straight with Brain. The Preachers out of Ventura, CA. Greatness. Brian is the band leader and all around cool great guy.
Plays harmonica. We have such a good chemistry together. I will be playing with him soon in July when I’m out there in CA. We’re playing a couple of gig in Ventura 1st week of July. I’ll make some videos for sure. I put out a beautiful love song called Daydream. It was written for my friend Dionna. She a beautiful spiritual person. I will always love Dionna. She inspired me to write that song. (I just listened to it) It’s beautiful. Classic. So is Dionna. There are lots of stories behind my songs. I will get to them as time goes by. Check out my tune Rhoda’s Song someday.
It’s a country instrumental. Such a sweet song. Samantha Olsen is on fiddle. Samantha was so cool. She was a hippie musician like something out of Haight Ashbury. A beautiful hippie girl playing fiddle. What is better than that? She played with some good people. She dated the bass player in The Purple Turtles. The Purple Turtles played Grateful Dead songs and style. They were amazing. They had a huge following in the San Fernando Valley and outskirts. I went to a bunch of their gigs and parties! The Purple Turtles at The Palomino Club was amazing. Chatsworth Park 1986-92 Grad. South Park, North Park & Oaks park. People living in the hills. Those parks were alive! It’s nice to be sharing this with the world finally. I have so many places to go. The other side of Chatsworth Hills are The Oaks. It’s a whole different scene. I got there at phase two of the Chatsworth Days. There was a biker bar on the other side. I played there for a year and a half straight with Jeff Stoddard and Al Seeley & Paris Parent. The Roadhouse Band.
What a great great time! Free food and beer Friday & Saturday night plus pay. What a blast.

I met Amy Lateer there. Amy was a waitress there. She was the most amazing person I have ever met. She was so beautiful that she could have been a super model and funny!? She got ill and went blind and had to have two kidney transplants. She is the story of Amazing courage. She went to work every day until just about the time of her passing at the Blind Workers Association in Binghamton New York. There ought to be a movie called, The Amy Lateer Rowe Story. She was that courageous. Amy Lateer Rowe was truly an angel. She was amazing and I will love her always.

There are a couple of clips out of David Reo in Bm and Shuffle in F from
that club where we met. Mike’s Old Susanna’s Saloon. Mike Persico. He drove a three wheel chopper and lived in two train cars up in the hills. They had a full time cook named Patrick who spoke with an Irish accent. He wore a white chef’s hat, a tall white hat, with a Harley Davidson patch sewed on it. The stage was set up right in front of the kitchen window so when Patrick was cooking a buffalo steak these big flames would come out the kitchen window an at me while I was playing. There are some great Preachers Recordings yet to come out. I have to talk with Brian Batchley and see about getting this CD out. We had a recording session in Northridge, CA one night with Me, Brian Batchley, , Joe Westbrook, Jimmy Hammer and Jack Bricker. on Bass. Jack was great. He was into choreography. He worked on Thriller. They are some excellent recordings. We did cover tunes. Dust My Broom, Leave My Little Girl Alone with Jack on vocals. I know you’ll like it. Today my roof man is here fixing my roof. It’s a Law & Order Marathon tonight. They have so many Law & Order shows on that you could watch it every night for quite a while before catching a repeat. I like Law & Order SVU best. I want to start a new one Law & Order SG. Spice girls working as NY Cops. The original cast. Mel C, breaking down doors holding her revolver. Scary spice as the assistant DA. Think of the possibilies! Law & Order SG(s)this fall on NBC. Okay everyone, enjoy your day. Health and happiness always to each and every one of you. Peace. David Reo

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