Life Is Good

Life Is Good
Life Is Good

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

David Reo hits the mark time after time capturing a corner of the music industry that delights audiences all over the world

David Reo is a singer/songwriter/
guitarist and music producer who has assembled quite a catalog of songs and albums taking fans from blues to country to easy listening.  He has been playing and recording for many years and has expanded his reach into other areas of the entertainment industry as well.

In November 2012, David released his latest CD “Life is Good” with his hit single “Shell Shocked” leading the way.  This song is about a girl named Michelle, thus the title ‘Shell’ Shocked.  This is the first track on “Life is Good” giving listeners a great segue to other songs flow into each other beautifully.  “Shell Shocked” is a great song to take your partner for a spin on the dance floor.  It has some of the best guitar licks out there.  It is a foot stomping, gal twirling, load of fun.  It has a juiced up blues format that will knock your socks off.  His vocals along with his guitar playing give audiences a true defined signature sound.

“Life is Good” is filled with songs like “Shell Shocked”.  These songs bring back a sound that has not been heard in decades, which are reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s, yet his fusion of blues and country are unmatched in the music industry.  Some of his accolades and accomplishments include but are not limited to:

Opened for Aretha Franklin
Has played over 3,000 shows
Has written 10 sitcoms and appeared on the Blossom TV show where his music was also featured
Has produced The Preachers Blues Band album and a soon to be released album with singer/songwriter Michelle Corbin.
He has another solo album scheduled for release in the spring of 2013.

You can keep track of David Reo’s upcoming schedule, albums and/or song releases along with purchasing of any of his music on itunes, amazon and many on line retail outlets.

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