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Thursday, May 28, 2015

David Reo's Greatest Hits Volume II-Track & Credit List

This is the credit info for David Reo's Greatest Hits Volume II. This was a fun album to make. A large percentage of it was done live. Thanks to Dean Roubicek for adding some great horn arraignments! #DeanRoubicek. He played some blazing sax solos. I really like his solo on my song, I've Got My Ticket.
The song Mississippi Greyhound Blues & Bus Station Blues were demos for the theme song to The John Larroquette Show. I didn't get the placement however the songs are good and I am happy with that.

David Reo's Greatest Hits Volume II. Listen to the full album. (1) Mississippi Greyhound Blues, (2) I've Got My Ticket, (3) Not Fooling Around, (4) Shoot First Ask Questions Later, (5) Bus Station Blues, (6) Roadhouse, (7) Detroit, (8) Train To Texas, (9) Little TV Angel, (10) Hooker's Hook.

David Reo, Guitar & Vocals, Jimmy Hammers- Drums, Don Chamberlin- Bass, David Ingram- Keyboards, Dean Roubicek- Saxaphone, Lorenza C. Brown-Saxaphone, Richard Davis- Trumpet, Brian Batchley- Harmonica. Horn Arraignments By Dean Roubicek. Recorded at Sir Reel Studio in Burbank, CA with David Cragen as engineer. Words & Music By David Reo.

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