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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rootstine Review of David Reo's Country Classics

irst of all: this is a misleading title. This album consists of 14 songs that David Reo for size part himself wrote a few blues covers after which he pours a country sauce. David Reo is a man with multiple talents; He is a producer, songwriter, musician and author of scripts for television series and sitcoms. It is therefore not surprising that the man lives in LA in order to achieve them. Cumul On his site 10 contains numerous plates from him. On closer inspection, there appear to be five released in 2014 so he's obviously a productive mood.
The music reminds me of the work of Dan Reeder: a kind of laid back feel and a voice that follows with a slight echo. The opener of the album is a cover of Robert Johnson's "From Four 'Til Late", which will have a country twang by the pedal steel. This country twang is also featured in the catchy "Disappoinment # 99," driven a radio song. John Prine will be jealous of "89 Dollars To Barbara". With a comic undertone is "40 Days In The Wilderness" yet another radio friendly song. Even the ballad "November Wedding" is a good feeling by its lightness. "Promised Land" is such a rocker with a gospel feel the ladies voices. For me, the best song on this record.
Here and there on the web, he is compared to Ricky Nelson. When the covers "Trail Of Tears" (Roger Cook) and Dylan's "I Do not Believe You" which is a good second best on the album, this is definitely the case. He also covert Led Zeppelin's "Hot Dog" that there is a passionate version inherits the violin, pedal steel and piano boogie woogiënde. I mention yet the bluesy "Sky High" reminiscent. Beteurde to JJ Cale "He Is With Me Now" is a song to the rhythm of a slow train that you would place. As in the works of Hans Theessink The last two numbers is cooperating with Teresa Russell. She plays the guitar on "Bombs Away Revisited" that ex aequo the best song on the album. The final, short "Yodeling My Gal" they wrote together and should Teresa take the yodel for themselves.
This record is great and it is definitely recommended for anyone who has love for roots music. And the plate makes me curious about the other work of this man. Enough reasons to give this record. A listenTo this end, the links in the sidebar.
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